Adobe HQ Interactive Art Installation
An immersive art installation and dynamic content programming framework celebrates vibrant creative expression and the profound connection between Adobe's innovation and the creative community.
Health Innovation Lab
The Health Innovation Lab redefines healthcare as a proactive, empowering journey offering comprehensive health screenings and personalized wellness coaching. The digital experiences make the process smoother and more engaging, reducing emotional friction.
Panda — Hybrid workplace concierge
A workplace mobile app that empowers the hybrid work experience. It provides a convenient and efficient way for employees to manage their workspaces, stay connected with colleagues, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
88 Kearny
The digital art experience woven into the architecture reimagines a commercial building entrance. The immersive interactive art gallery is a love letter to San Francisco's nature, history, art, and technology.
SFO Sustainability Campaign
A campaign to showcase and educate the public with an expansive spectrum of initiatives elevating sustainability, well-being, and equity. This campaign's profound impact extends to set a pioneering example for airports worldwide.
Len Branding
Len, a former traditional Japanese residence turned modern marketplace since 2003, has been a thriving hub for young entrepreneurs and a magnet for diverse visitors. In honor of its 20th anniversary, Len undertook a rebranding initiative to better connect with local and international visitors while signaling a new era under fresh ownership.
You Are Art
You Are Art is an environmental interactive art in MGM Cotai plaza. This content transforms the space into a huge environmental kaleidoscope and people's movements create ever-changing art.
Who's Butt? 誰のお尻?
A bilingual children book for non-Japanese speaking parents and kids to learn simple Japanese words.
Emoji Jam
Emoji Jam is an immersive interactive experience at MGM Cotai’s indoor plaza that incorporates the world’s largest area of permanent LED display—25-screen array spanning the atrium’s 900-meter perimeter. Visitors participate the game through their mobile devices via Wechat.
Sugiyama Nuts
Sugiyama Nuts produces high-quality and small batch organic peanut butter in Shizuoka, Japan. The package itself unfolds to be a newsletter that shares stories of the particular batch. The branding and packaging were designed to be minimal and honest, reflecting the company's belief in transparency and establishing a strong bonding within local communities.
UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences
The UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences will set a new standard in the field by merging neuroscience research and clinical environments under the same roof. Obscura teamed up with UCSF to create the volumetric installation to present the Institute to the public as a hub for innovation and access to pioneering treatments.
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance launched a campaign that includes three TV commercials and an interactive game for pop-up events. TV Commercials were aired during the Super Bowl.
Spiral Tunnel
Spiral tunnel is a multi-level arcade game created for Magic Planet, amusement arcade park at Cairo Festival City in Egypt. Players run and jump along a spiral track, avoiding obstacles and collecting gems.
Youtube/ Scishow
I created key-art for a multi-platform campaign featuring Scishow. The illustration was used throughout the campaign including subway ads, billboards, subway and bus vinyl wraps, and event graphics in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
Holo-guide is a holographic wayfinding kiosk powered by AI at brand new 18,000-seat venue in Las Vegas. Users are able to interact with it using voice commands and hand gestures. Below are developed as a demo for a reception event to reveal the development of the venue.
En Su Casa Health Care
Branding for a health care clinic locating in Spring Valley, NY. The logo represents the sense of community. Multiple houses overlap forming one big house. The bright brand color palette expresses the diversity and richness of the community.
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