SFO Sustainability Campaign

Telling the impact stories through friendly protagonists

Principal/ Design Director: Janice Cavaliere
Designer/ Illustration: Miriam Diaz
Designer/ Motion graphics: Kaya Ono
Content Designer: Amy Ridley, Nick Hubbard
Design Manager (Producer): Sarah Frankel
SFO has set a new industry standard through a significant investment during its terminal renovation to meet its net-zero goal. Gensler partnered with SFO to create a campaign to communicate sustainability efforts and their impact to the general public. The goal was to translate technical information into eye-catching and relatable storytelling for everyday travelers.
We crafted a campaign that tells stories through friendly protagonists in the Bay area who'd appreciate SFO's environmental impact as much as we do! Through research and workshops, we curated and organized the SFO's sustainability efforts into 3 story categories that illustrate the impact: Onboard for Zero Carbon, Zero Waste, and Wellbeing.
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