You Are Art

Immersive interactive public art

Multiple camera feeds from various locations were processed and casted in real time. As an art director, I lead the development of realtime footage treatment that aligns technical requirements, as well as distributing camera feeds to the space that are visible from the audience in the shot.
Creative Director | Travis Threlkel
Art Director | Kaya Ono
Lead Developer | Matthew Regan
Technical Director | Jim Ellis
Executive Producer | Alex Oropeza 
Senior Producer | Zara Finlay
Client | MGM China
Produced at Obscura Digital
Technical Ideations — The most challenging and exciting part of this project was art directing the experience that meets various technical requirements. 
One of the challenges was to distribute the camera feeds to the LED screens that are visible from the people in the feed. We created a VR reviewing tool for the space, and evaluated the experience in the POV of the visitors.  
LED screen locations
LED screen locations
Camera feed layout
Camera feed layout
Another consideration was to make sure the camera feed distribution was aligned with the server distribution. Each LED screen was in unique shape and size, and some screens shared the same server. 
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