88 Kearny


Digital Experience leader/ Director: Greg Gallimore
Production Director: Sarah Frankel
Design Lead/ Art Director: Kaya Ono
Designer: Michaela Couch, Maxine Kim
Creative Technologist (Media): Jacob Stephens 
Creative Technologist Hardware & integration 
Design Manager: Britanny Grace, Amanda Pietropaolo
88 Kearny’s art collection is a celebration of the city and the community of San Francisco. Each content module is inspired by what we love about the city; nature, history, and the art community. This project features a range of expressions, from traditional photography to interactive generative art that maintains relevancy day to day.
The content program in the 88 Kearny lobby enhances the overall experience for visitors and tenants creating a lasting impression of the building and its brand. We developed CMS and a library of contents, a total of 20 content modules including 3 interactive and 7 seasonal contents.
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