Emoji Jam

Creative Director | Travis Threlkel, Steve Mason
Creative lead | Kaya Ono
Game Developer | Willy Nolan
Payoff Emoji Developer | Matthew Regan, Marpi
Animator | Andy Mai
Client | MGM China
Produced at Obscura

Nearly 3000 emojis were brought to life through procedural animation using javascript and TouchDesigner.

🍎🍜🍔   Snack Dance  🍊🍡🥑 ​​​​​​​
😀😜😬 Smiley Pop 😍😢😋 
🐛🦊🐈  Animal Party  🐖🦀🐬​​​​​​​
We created a script that animates each layer of svg file. This universal template was used to automate the animation of rest of emoji set that wasn’t part of the first 2 game theme.
Design layouts 
Examples of key moments: Game round opening, game mode, and game round ending. 
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