Creative Director | Travis Threlkel, Steve Mason
Creative/ design lead | Kaya Ono
Game Developer | Willy Nolan
Payoff Emoji Developer | Matthew Regan, Marpi
Animator | Andy Mai
Client | MGM China
Produced at Obscura
The Project Goal — This content aimed to invite younger visitors to participate and generate user engagement to distribute retail coupons and other takeaways for future upgrade. 
As a design/creative lead, I designed and lead the development process including UI/UX, prototype, payoff treatment and delivery in a partnership with technologists and animators.

Procedural Payoff Animation — One of the biggest challenges of this project was animating over 3000 emojis in real-time. We created a procedural animation pipeline with javascript and TouchDesigner. This template allowed us to generate variations of payoff animations in real-time by only replacing emoji graphics. 

🍎🍜🍔   Snack Dance  🍊🍡🥑 ​​​​​​​
😀😜😬 Smiley Pop 😍😢😋 
🐛🦊🐈  Animal Party  🐖🦀🐬​​​​​​​
We created a script that animates each layer of svg file. This universal template was used to automate the animation of rest of emoji set that wasn’t part of the first two game theme.
Design layouts — Key moments: Game round opening, game mode, and game round ending. 
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