Sugiyama Nuts
Sugiyama Nuts produces high-quality and small batch organic peanut butter in Shizuoka, Japan. The package itself unfolds to be a newsletter that shares stories of the particular batch. The branding and packaging were designed to be minimal and honest, reflecting the company's belief in transparency and establishing a strong bonding within local communities.
Emoji Book
My contribution to Emoji Book that invites artists to interpret and illustrate an emoji of their choice. I chose 🍳 , just because it always makes me happy. When I crack an egg in the morning, it feels like I have a miniature sun in a pan.I recently moved to SF from NY, and an egg in a pan now reminds me the sun in California!
Facebook | Dairy Dialogue
Facebook launched a new feature called Daily Dialogue in 2016, that is a series of personalized messages from Facebook to the users in all global markets. I created illustrations for various countries.
Youtube/ Scishow
I created key-art for a multi-platform campaign featuring Scishow. The illustration was used throughout the campaign including subway ads, billboards, subway and bus vinyl wraps, and event graphics in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
En Su Casa Health Care
Branding for a health care clinic locating in Spring Valley, NY. The logo represents the sense of community. Multiple houses overlap forming one big house. The bright brand color palette expresses the diversity and richness of the community.
Personal works
This is a collection of self-initiated works. These are mostly just for fun or experiments, but personal works always help me to have more fun with professional projects.
St.Ives: Vacation
Commissioned as a part of St.Ive's on going social campaign
Foundation 1/1/1
Style frames for a video to tell the story of Salesforce foundation 1/1/1/. Salesforce leverages 1% of its people, technology, and resources to help improve communities around the world.
Portraits of Purpose
Fanta: Spooky Snack Lab
Fanta and Oreo teamed up for their Halloween campaign, Spooky Snack Lab. I created an Illustration for the seasonal package and various platforms throughout the campaign.
Dancing feet Zoetrope
I was invited to create a loop animation for an exhibition “Wheel of Life” taken place in Zurich, Switzerland in December 2015. 10 artists from all over the world exhibited their animations and original artworks created for the show.
Delta Innovation Class
Design and storyboard for a video introducing Delta's mentor program, Delta Innovation Class, to connect industry leading professionals to young professionals and students. Produced at Wieden + Kennedy
I had a great time collaborating with an amazing team at Psyop. I designed style frames and characters for a holiday commercial pitch. The animation tells the story about a collaborative holiday campaign by Toms and Target; that gives shoes, a blanket or meals to people in need in US and Canada for each Toms gift purchase at Target.
It was pleasure creating a style frame for a TV commercial for RTE, French electronic company. I had a great time constructing elements with paper and composing together.
Style frames / Storyboard created for TV ad for meningitis B vaccination.
Pitch for Target Canada
Style exploration for Netflix's TV commercial
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance launched a campaign that includes three TV commercials an interactive game for pop up events. TV Commercials were aired during the Super Bowl in 2012 in Indiana.
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Pitch for Demo video to showcase features of Galaxy Note II
Styleframes created for a video introduces fravors of Cuervo's tequila
TNT Reality Check Promo
Style frams for 30 sec promo for new TNT show, Reality check. The spot features all 3 shows, threading them together with an unified graphic style. The challenge was to create a bold and dramatic visual language to tie 3 shows that each has very a different tonality from each other, while maintaining the feel as a part of TNT network branding. Produced at Royale
Leap Frog
Style frames for a commercial for Leap Frog's Ninjya Turtles game app that teaches kids math lessons.
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