Sugiyama Nuts
Sugiyama Nuts produces high-quality organic peanut butter in Shizuoka, Japan. Only 1000 bottles per batch are available by subscriptions. Its peanut butter will be delivered to costumers within 48 hours from its production. The package itself unfolds to be a newsletter that shares stories of the particular batch. The branding and packaging were designed to be minimal and honest, reflecting the company's belief in the importance of manufacturing transparency and establishing a strong bonding within local communities.
En Su Casa Health Care
Branding for a health care clinic locating in Spring Valley, NY. The logo represents the sense of community. Multiple houses overlap and are bound by one big roof, that creates a shape looks like one big house. The colorfulness of the logo also symbolize the diversity and richness of the community.
Print works
A collection of print works
Ruten/ 流転
Shutterstock invited me to create an artwork for Designer Passport, an artist collaboration program with the partnership of Adobe. Shutterstock featured the artwork and the blog article covered its creative process. The artwork was also exhibited during Art Directors Club award festival in Miami in 2015.
Brown Rice Family
Client: Brown Rice Family ------- Brown Rice Family, is a world roots band which encompasses jazz stylings, afrobeat, reggae, rock, Latin rhythms, hip-hop, and funk. This culturally and musically diverse band is formed by musicians from Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, Bronx, and Japan. -------
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