Facebook | Dairy Dialogue
Facebook launched a new feature called Daily Dialogue in 2016, that is a series of personalized messages from Facebook to the users in all global markets. It was a fun collaboration with great people at B-Reel creating illustrations for the first few months of 2016 for various countries.
Dancing feet Zoetrope
I was invited to create a loop animation for an exhibition “Wheel of Life” taken place in Zurich, Switzerland in December 2015. 10 artists from all over the world exhibited their animations and original artworks created for the show.
Fanta: Spooky Snack Lab
Concept illustration for Fanta's Halloween package & POP for Spooky Snack Lab campaign. It was a collaboration of Fanta and Oreo.
Youtube/ Scishow
Illustrations for a multi-platform campaign featuring Scishow, one of the most viewed channels. This was one of the first advertising campaigns for Youtube. The illustrations used throughout the campaign included subway ads, billboards, subway and bus vinyl wraps, and event graphics in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago.
St.Ives: Vacation
Commissioned as a part of St.Ive's on going social campaign
It was pleasure creating a style frame for a TV commercial for RTE, French electronic company. I had a great time constructing elements with paper and composing together.
Personal works
This is a collection of self-initiated works. These are mostly just for fun or experiments, but personal works always help me to have more fun with professional projects.
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